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Commercial  & Industrial  Painting of  Factories
 Holding tanks, gas pipes, smoke stacks, water towers, industrial complexes. sub stations, garages structures and commercial properties, commercial improvements, electrostatic metal painting, Commercial wall ~paper and vinyl. Epoxy, Oil, Stains, Commercial Wall~ Paper, Logos. Towers, malls parking , new construction, industrial and hotels, condominium complexes, apartment complexes, hospitals casinos, parking structures, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, schools, commercial improvements, wallpaper experts, and commercial epoxy
concrete coatings. including 
sandblasting .|
 Full Service Painting Company We Serve -Texas - Wyoming - Utah - Idaho - Arizona - Colorado - Okalahoma - California
Factory Painting is a company of
Great Western Painting

 Great Western Painting
has the dedication, knowledge, and experience to help you find which polymer concrete products, surface sealants, corrosion resistant coatings, and chemical resistant coatings that would work best for any industrial business.

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Water Tank
Inspection & Painting Division

Thermal painting of tanks

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